Eisemann-Theater installs and sells theaters strictly for the video professionals our projectors can be used in corporate boardrooms, private home theaters, Video Teleconference Center (VTCs) and command centers. We specialize in CRT projector technology. Currently the higher end CRT technology will out perform even the best Wide screen and LCD or DLP projectors, Plasma and LCD TV Sets. CRT has set the standard for top notch and lifelike video images for many years and is still the best projection technology available today. While today's DLP or LCD projectors offer good results for computer data ( i.e. MS PowerPoint), experts will confirm that CRT projection technology still provides the best possible picture quality and most realistic images home theater. When it comes to a Home Cinema projector, and parameters such as black level, dynamic range, picture resolution the technology of choice is and remains CRT.

With the advent of portable LCD, DLP units, many of the higher quality CRT units are coming out of installations and are now available at incredible prices for home theater use. A new CRT unit will cost as much as $60,000 but we take units out of installations re-tube and modify and calibrate them, put them through out quality inspection and sell them to you at amazing prices. These units capable of resolutions even higher then HDTV as well as PC resolutions with over 1300 lumens and 30,000 contrast ratio ! We offer a price guarantee and nothing on the market can match the quality of our projectors new and previous owned.

  • We offer a price guarantee that we have the lowest prices ( With the same options )
  • Guarantee the best picture out of any CRT dealer or money back.
  • We are the only dealer who has been doing Barco mods for over 7 years now.
  • Our results are well documented.
  • Our units are calibrated better than the factory.
  • One year warranty avail. 
  • Customer support and pre-setup unit for easier install (saves you hours of time)
  • Only dealer who offers internal HDMI DVI ( Our new version V12 outpeforms lasts year's V5 and has custom firmware)

We specialize in 8, 9 inch CRT units, Hi-End DLP-LCD and more expensive 12 inch CRT units as well. Currently we stock many projectors email with your favorite unit. Please email us for your price quote. We will match and offer you a better price than any dealer and offer superior quality. We have the following units ready to ship:


  • Sony GH-10
  • 4 Barco 1209, 1209s
  • 5 Barco 1208, 1208s
  • 1 Electrohome 9501 LC
  • 2 Barco 808S
  • 2 Electrohome 8000-8500
  • 1 Barco 701s
  • Barco Reality 909
  • Many other brands in stock ready for shipment (Call for Projector you want we will get one for you)