**SALE** 10% off for one 15% off for 3 or more email sales for special offers.  Buy simulation grade for the same price as cheap low grade chinese tubes. Eisemann-Theater Offers Simulation Grade CRTs From Boeing for CRT Projectors

Benefits of Simulation grade           




  •  No Phosphor failure like cheap tubes made overseas   
  • Brighter
  • We custom order Better Phosphor - difficult to burn
  • 30% Sharper than Barco and Sony original OEM.  Tighter Beam 50% sharper than cheap chinese replacements
  • Less break-in required
  • We custom order Finer grain Phosphor for a smooth detailed image
  • We custom order a Special Gun Design for smaller brighter spot size 


Use High  Resolution Tubes To Upgrade factory low rez CRTS we can do free neck card mods with the purchase of 3 tubes.

P19LUG, P19LPV, 09MEX, P16LXV, 180DYB22, P19LCP and Supralux CRTs.  tubes available. P16 ( 8 Inch ) and PT-22 ( 9  Inch) tubes are a direct substitution. P19LUG require a modified neck  board to achieve full resolution. In fact using one can have a blur  effect on the picture if used with a standard 1209 ore 1209/2 neck  board without modifying. Standard tubes are not recommended for 1080p

Common Supported Projectors

Nine Inch 9" & 8"

  • Barco Reality 909
  • Barco 5012
  • Barco 5042
  • Barco 5044
  • Thales Phoebus
  • Thales AMC
  • Sony VH90m
  • FSI Skylightm ESCP
  • Barco MRP 
  • Barco Cine 9, Cine Max
  • Barco Graphics 1209, 1209s (BG1209, BG1209s)
  • Barco Data 1209s (BD1209s)
  • Barco Graphics 1609s
  • Runco DTV-1200
  • Runco DTV-1100HD
  • Runco DTV-1000
  • Barco Reality 908
  • Barco Cine 8, Onyx, Digital
  • Barco Graphics 1208, 1208s (BG1208, BG1208s)
  • Barco Graphics 808, 808s (BG808, BG808s)
  • Barco Data 808, 808s (BD808, BD808s)
  • Barco RetroGraphics 808, 808s
  • Runco DTV-992, Ultra               
  • Tube Service  
  • Leaks An improper or poorly refurbished CRT may suffer leaks from the  coolant chamber. While not necessarily cause for a complete overhaul,  it can get very messy and needs prompt attention. We can service your  leaky CRTs. 
  • Mounting Every CRT is mounted in hardware. Simply supply us your old hardware and we will mount. Some projectors this cost is extra, other models we will do for free of charge. 
  • Contaminated Coolant As your projector ages so doe the coolant. When I sell people a used CRT projector I allwasy change the coolant. The coolant typically get yellow or mold grows in it. Causing poor color and week lumen output.

All  CRT housings are Liquid cooled or coupled. Liquid Coupled  hold a chamber of coolant  between the tube and rear lens element. This liquid serves a dual  purpose. First it helps regulate temperature, resulting in a more  stable and consistent user experience. Second, it acts as a prism,  essentially eliminating air or light interference between the lens and  image plane, which has a direct effect on superior image quality.  Alternately, Air-Coupled or liquid cooled sets also have a thin layer of coolant across  the tube-face, albeit much less substantial. We can change your coolant to give you a much better image.

 9 Inch P19lug  New Simulation High Rez $1230.00 - discounts Call Sales

 8 Inch P16 New Simulation High Rez $1123.00 - discounts Call Sales

All tubes available please ask we have many in stock and can make custom tubes in our factory.