• Pictures on this website represent old versions or Version 1 (V1) of mods. Current release is V10 for security reasons we will not post or send pictures of the New Version mods.
  • V5-V10 requires cards to be matched set. The signal output of the cards has been changed in the video chain to operate with lower noise and to eliminate redundant amps. Therefore if you purchase a projector with a mod set and swap out cards with a non modified set you can cause serious performance problems.

Complete 6&7 Board Mod Sets for 800, 801, 808, 1200, 1208, 1209, 1209/2, Cine9, 909, 1209s, 808s, 1208s

Each mod set is custom tailored per model. Different cards are required per model.

Typical cards required to send in for Modification:

  • Port 3 Card R7621055
  • RGB Switcher Card R7617481
  • RGB Driver Card R7621175
  • 3 Neck Boards
  • Focus H Shift (For Non-S) R762271 R762503

The newer versions of our mod sets are so advanced now you can expect much greater gains in sharpness and color. Some customers are reporting as much as 90% improvement. We like to do all 7 ( 6 boards for S models and 909) of these cards together to achieve maximum results and to maintain the High Video Bandwidth increase people have known to enjoy with our designs. Barco originally designed the Non-S to have various types of transmission lines using a differential input stage. We modify the input stages to operate with the most common transmission lines and video cables to achieve amazing results. We upgrade power supply sections of the boards to remove noise and upgrade components to higher frequency and Bandwidth characteristics. We remove all the transistors in the input stage and replace with 5GHZ and above. No other Barco mod has over 5 GHZ of input BW. By allowing a full 5GHZ of BW in the input stage it lower noise and resolves very high resolution. High frequency capacitors are designed to remain stable at high frequencies and to not have varying gain characteristics. We put a more stable capacitor and in some sections or Totally Remove Capacitors to achieve a higher BW, the video path will resolve more color, black level, and have pure whites vs a cheap capacitor.

The Graph Below shows the noise floor of the new amp stage we replaced in port 5 for both S and Non-S. Notice the low noise characteristics even up to the 1GHZ range. By using new very high bandwidth components your projector is better equipped to resolve a 1080p HDTV signal.

New Version 10

  • More shades of colors and more infinite detail when running at HDTV or high resolutions.
  • Replace the entire signal path of port 3 card.
  • Bypass all Port 3 video amps completely and use new 5GHZ generation semiconductors in the switcher card to take out 2 steps of poor amplifier.
  • Replace the entire amp switcher path with very high BW PNP/NPN semiconductors and re-tweek the peaking caps.
  • Upgrade the BW of the neck cards by improving the Pre-Drive and improve the power supply of neck cards.
  • Upgrade the black level and white balance of the neck cards by using a special low impedance capacitors.
  • Replace every capacitor in the signal path with special types.
  • No section of the projector will have a frequency cut off below 1Ghz after the modification.
  • Remove ghosts and ring by adding cut off semiconductors in the signal path to improve switcher flaws.

You can drive a Modified Barco projector at higher resolutions without blurring, and you do not have to boost the brightness, contrast, and color to produce a good image. RGB cable lengths also do not affect the picture as much. Most CRT projectors were designed for text and command center environments. They did not come with color corrected C elements, and the video path did not use high quality stable high frequency capacitors. However, one special capacitor can cost up to $7.00, and a cheap one can run $.20. You have to replace approximately 45 capacitors and 25 semiconductors the video path, in some cases remove them, and in some cases replace with a much higher value.

Please see pictures below showing just a few of the modifications there are many boards that need to be modified including the CRT neck boards. Not only do we replace the existing capacitors, we add more to sections of the board that are critical to remove video noise and to allow the unit to resolve more color. Finally, we replace a few of the transistors and ICs with high BW versions to take it a step further. The result is an image you would never think was possible from your old projector. Please ship all of these cards to our address for a custom rebuild. This is a MUST for all Barco Projectors. We always do these Mods on all of our rebuilt units.

Notice the small, low quality RGB capacitors and transistors on the left, compared to the High Quality capacitors and transistors to the right with the modified RGB board.

(Note Pictures of Mods are old versions we now have over 23 changes and upgrades to just the Neck Cards)

We also have the full BARCO factory MOD list with over 50 modifications to improve focus, color and many other reliability and picture enhancements. Especially for 1208/1209 to make the unit even better than the most desirable S model. When your 1209 is finished is will perform better than a new Cine9.

$1325 for the complete mod set (All 6 & 7 Boards)   Call or Email for your special, discount price today

Left Side Banding Fix


After many years of customers asking for a fix of this Barco Problem at 1080p, I designed a Left Side Banding Fix for Barco projectors. Send in your Horz card of any Barco projector and we will modify it so it will produce considerably less banding on the left side.

$375.00 ( Included Free on 6 & 7 Board mod sets)

1208, 1209, 1209/2 Only High Rez 180MHZ BW(Now Included with all above mod sets!)

While working on several Barco 909 Reality units I noticed a much sharper image at 1080p. The Barco 909 Reality is hard to get and extremely expensive. However, its older brother the 1208 and 1209 are very similar in design and actually use a better neck board than the S models. While it is not possible to reproduce the state of the art convergence system of the 909, we wanted to see if we could get the same sharpness out of 1209. We first started with and old 1209 and retrofitted it with PT-22 or P19lug high rez crts. These CRTS are capable of resolving much higher resolutions than the stock 1209 crts. Then we replaced the 130MHZ BW Video Chip with a 180 BW chip. We adjusted the gain and made a custom power supply to lower the power to the new higher BW chips. The result was a much sharper image. This can only be done on 1209 and 1209/2 units and we can make a 1208 or 1209 much sharper than its younger cousin the S model and even some people say our 1209 models are sharper than the Cine9.

Barco HDMI 1.3 Version 10

All Non S Models

V10 Now Shipping!

While the Barco S and Non-S Projectors are excellent units, they suffer from input problems. With all the new digital content being released HDMI is a must with todays theaters. Long analog cable runs blur 1080p signals, and direct digital always gives a much better picture but the issue of how to feed the internal circuits comes up.

Signal of high quality RGB cables VS. Signal of Fiber optic or Copper transmitting HDMI video signals.

Notice the loss when using high frequency 1080p and Copper Coax

To date, we have tested every external and direct connect box port 3 device, and had problems getting a good picture. We are all familiar with transmission line loss especially at 1080p. The higher the frequencys the greater the loss of copper transmission lines. After careful analysis, we also noticed that the Silicone Image video processor chip on external boxes has transistor amps on the RGBVH output Lines to drive the long cable 75 ohm lengths thus lowering the BW of the image and adding noise to the signal. There really is no advantage of using an external HDMI box on a high end projector because you will lose the advantage of a Direct Connection. A ring or ghost was always present because of cable issues, and the ports on the back of the unit not being balanced. Also Port 5 has to go through an extra set of circuits that lowers the BW and port 3, while sharper and able to resolve higher BW always Rings or Ghosts no matter how good the cable. We were determined to get rid of this ghost effect, and we engineered a Direct HDMI to Port 3 solution.

This solution takes advantage of balancing each color with removing all the external transmission line balancing resistors mounted on the port 3 card. This way the HDMI video processor chip can send the signals right into port 3 without adding noise from RGB, vertical and horizontal amp transistors. We then upgrade all the band pass, and video filter caps with high grade capacitors. The effect is simply amazing not only was the ghost not present, but the actual resolution improved almost 95%! The photos below are untouched, very high resolution close up photos. The pictures taken with a 1208s unit show even more extreme results on a 1209s and the HDMI Direct Inject Version 10 is even better! Customers always want to upgrade their projectors from an 8 inch to a 9 inch unit, and from a 1208 to a 1209. However, without the correct inputs, adjustments, calibration, and screens, there will not be an improvement. With the HDMI- Direct Inject MOD we arrived at a sharper image than a 9 inch with an extremely lower cost compared to a 9 inch unit.

  • 1080p Verified.
  • Official HDCP License.
  • HDMI 1.3.
  • Removes all connections from Barco motherboard and Port 3 to make the image extra sharp.
  • Special power supply filters, and high grade cap filters are added to the HDMI processor board.
  • Cut off circuits remove video from port 3 to allow port 5 to not have any interference.
  • Special tuning of the port 3 card to ensure the correct color balance, vertical and horizontal stability.
  • Special filters added to HDMI sub-board to remove ring.
  • Updated power system to allow longer cable lengths. Power from projector feeding the HDMI Chip and not cables.
  • Tuned with port 5 switcher card to work as one. Optimized for sharpest image and amps placed directly on switcher card.
  • Removal of port 3 amps and a special high BW amp is designed onto port 5 switcher to resolve full resolutions.

Port 3 Green Tube Only - 1080p

Notice ghosting on left w/ external transcoder connected to port 3w/ HDMI Version 9

The HDMI port is mounted right on the port 3 card to give the absolute best picture available anywhere.

This Mod can come with optional Barco Eprom upgrade to let your customers know you have purchased this option and it shows you have HDMI on the startup screen.

HDMI Version 10N (Normal) $695.00

HDMI card is FREE with Full 7 card MOD SET of $1325


Barco HDMI Version 10s

For All S, S/2, S/2E Models 1209s, 1208s, 808s

V10s Now Shipping!

The 808s, 1208s and 1209s Barco Projectors suffer from serious input problems on Port 3 as the unit was never designed to work that well with this card. Blooming, Ghosting, Blurring are all some of the major reductions in Bandwidth noted by various users. We conducted a careful engineering review of the Port 5 switcher card and found many areas that degraded the overall bandwidth of not only port 3 but port 5. Customers were complaining that the V3 just didnt work that well on their S models, wile customers with the V3 on a 808, 1208, 1209 or 1209/2 were very happy and the picture was very sharp. Barco even used 5 V caps on the Port 5/switcher card when the V-P-P voltage of the port 3 card was 12V!

To solve this issue we developed a Custom Card for the S unit that makes the HDMI on Port 3 sharper than any external device on Port 5. We need both your Port 5 Switcher card and Port 3 so we can upgrade the transistors in the video path on the port 5/switcher to 5Ghz with limited feedback, remove inferior bypass caps with Low ESR and parallel with a poly for high/low mix optimization. With both we optimize the path to get perfect results and a clean signal path to the RGB output board.

HDMI Version 10s $695.00

HDMI card is Free with Full 7 card MOD SET of $1325


Barco HDMI Version 10C

For All Cine 8, 9, and 909

V10C Now Shipping!

The Cine series projectors require a special sync signal on the motherboard to get the correct phase of the 1080p signal. The lag created by the old port 3 card does not allow a good 1080p timing signal. We had to create a custom card for the Cine models and it does a very good job at 1080p. Most customers who order our Cine HDMI card also get a fibre-optic cable to give the projector the best image possible.

HDMI Version 10C (Cine) $695.00

HDMI card is Free with Full 6 card MOD SET of $1325

Eprom Upgrades

At Eisemann-Theater we know how people like to customize their home theater. We have a Barco Programmer that can custom program any Barco projector. We can program your Barco

to display the name of your family or the name of your theater on a custom burned Barco Eprom. We also have all Barco Firmware in stock to upgrade your older projector to a newer one i.e. 1200 TO 1209

$255.00 Call or Email for your special price today.

Hi Rez Crt Modified P19LUG or P16 Neck Boards For 1209, 1209/2, 1209s Only OR 808S 1208S Sony TUBE MOD

(Allows High Rez CRTs to achieve max resolution or to replace Sony Tubes on S projector to P16 Tubes)

P19LUG CRTS are designed for the Barco 909 and some newer 1209s projectors. However these CRTS have and extra grid on them. They require the neck boards to be modified to take advantage of the extra grid to allow the full dot pitch of 1080p. Also 808S and Barco 1208 S projectors used a older Sony type tube that is no longer produced. This MOD will convert the board to allow the newer tubes to work.

$55.00 Each ( Please state what type of CRTS your unit has when shipping)

High Resolution Tubes (Upgrade factory low rez CRTS)

P19, PT-22 and P16 tubes available. P16 ( 8 Inch ) and PT-22 ( 9 Inch) tubes are a direct substitution. P19LUG require a modified neck board to achieve full resolution. In fact using one can have a blur effect on the picture if used with a standard 1209 ore 1209/2 neck board without modifying. Standard tubes are not recommended for 1080p

9 Inch P19lug Brand New High Rez $1250.00 Call About Sales

8 Inch P16 Brand New High Rez $1100.00 Call About Sales