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Current products:

Fiber Optic Cable

Believe us when we say that we were disappointed by Monster cables performance when sending full 1080p signals any great distance. Copper can only take a signal so far before errors manage to overtake the digital stream.

Fiber Optic offers much greater lengths before the signal breaks down.



  • Eisemann-Theater introduces the HDMI Series fiber optical cable featuring HDCP Compliance for critical and long-run wiring requiring accurate performance. Transmitter and receiver are built into the cable ends, and two short copper cables are provided for connection to equipment. Narrower than standard DVI connectors, the HDMI system is ideal for running through conduit and passes both HDMI Video and Audio. HDMI Fiber Optic cables provide crystal clear rock solid images at the highest resolutions at up to 330 ft. without interference or sparkles caused by data error. Ideal for todays digital display (Plasma TV, Digital Projectors, LCD Monitors, HDTV, etc), the HDM-A is rated at 1920x1080P or 1600x1200P resolutions, guaranteed to work with any display on the market today. HDM-A series cables are ideal for both commercial and home theater installations. HDMI should work without the need for external power, however power supply is available if required.

Features :

  • Either external or internal power supply is possible. (External power supply is optional. Automatic power switch is included.)
  • RGB Clock signal is transmitted by the optical fiber
  • DDC signal and 5V power line is transmitted by copper line
  • Plug and Play, easy installation
  • HDCP compliant.
  • Integrated HDMI transceivers with fiber optics cable 
  • No external power required (check your device for proper power support)
  • Smaller end than based DVI connectors.
  • Fully compatible with DDWG DVI standard.
  • RGB and clock signal are transmitted via fiber optical cables DDC signal and 5V power line is transmitted via copper cables.
  • No EMI characteristics.

Applications :

  • Video wall System
  • Large LED Sign Board
  • Medical Imaging Equipment
  • Airplane On-board Video System
  • Home Theater
  • TV Broadcast Station
  • Auditorium
  • Conference Room Video Equipment


  • $409 - 30ft
  • $459 - 50ft