Electrohome Custom Projectors

We have serviced and rebuilt hundreds of Electrohome projectors and tested and tried a lot of different products available for Electrohome units. Some Modifications improve color some detail and others do nothing from what we found out. We have carefully detailed every circuit change from other manufacturers and found flaws in design and components removed that were critical to performance.

After looking at what options others were offering we decided to design our own custom boards for Electrohome. At Eisemann-Theater we only have Electrical Engineers and Computer Engineers on staff so we have the training and education to actually build projectors, circuits and custom write software.

Electrohome Options Available

  • Vim Upgrade (Video Input Module)
  • DVI Card for VIM
  • Crt Neck Boards
  • Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS ) FAN Noise Reduction and 6.35v Filimate adjust repair
  • Special High Resolution 1080p 8 and 9 Tubes to Replace older low resolution Tubes with smaller Gun aperture.
  • Color Correction


This is a " Must " for the marquee. The Marquee is one of the most reliable projectors. It has very little convergence drift and is able to resolve a sharp image. These units were designed well and were used for TEXT and Presentations but not optimized for Home Theater and quality color reproduction. The Vim Board suffered from high leakage capacitors that were small and poorly designed, measured capacitors have been over 20% off in value. The op-amps were not engineered on the VIM exactly as the manufacture specified in the engineering design notes. One major flaw is the power on each op-amp is not pure it has noise generated from other parts of the VIM and LVPS. To improve the picture we :

  • Replace all Capacitors with low impedance 105 C high reliability capacitors
  • Add power filtering to EVERY op-amp in the video chain
  • Replace Low BW op amps where necessary to improve detail

$685.00 Call or Email for your special price today.

DVI Upgrade

When using HDTV and very high resolutions its important to have a excellent source and high resolution tubes that can resolve this resolution. When testing the Electrohome Marquee at 1080p we noticed a very large improvement with the Eisemann-Theater VIM upgrade however we wanted the picture to be sharper. We have now sell a DVI card that is available for Ehome and after installing it into the Eisemann-Theater upgraded VIM we noticed a 40% sharpness increase. It was simply an amazing improvement over a normal RGBVH cables no matter how good they were. We did not notice as much of a improvement with a factory Marquee VIM and lower resolution tubes. So its important to take advantage of all the Eisemann-Theater modifications to get an overall super picture. We have a fully warranty on all our upgrades. After we were done the picture was better than this $45,000 projector.

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CRT Neck Boards

We have designed special Electrohome CRT neck boards to be able to plugged into high resolution 8 and 9 inch CRTS. Electrohome Factory CRT neck boards are not compatible with high resolution tubes so we designed a custom one with upgraded CRT socket, capacitors, Inductors, and op amps to achieve more B&W and detail. This is one of the most important upgrades that users should consider as high resolution tubes produce a very sharp image compared to the original factory tubes at 1080p.

$ 55.00 Each for MOD High Rez CRTS

$ 399.00 For High BW upgrade.

( $1125 Combo Price for VIM, HVPS, Neck Boards)

Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS)

For every customer that I have installed an Electrohome Marquee for, complained about the noise of the fans when the unit is running, and the drone of the fans when the unit is off. One of the major problems with Marquees is the fans are directly mounted to the metal of power supply thus transmitting noise to the case acting like an amplifier. First, we found the perfect isolator bushings with the same frequency rejection of the fan noise and mounted Both fans to maintain the correct air flow in a "Suspension System". Second, designed a special thermal controller system that monitors the heat output and lowers the fan speed according to the incoming temperature. Third, we replace the 6.35v Fillimate adjust variable resistor so that your new supply will not destroy your tubes. Electrohome have a design flaw with the 6.35v variable resistor and it fails it will produce over 10v burning out the fillimates and I see this on 50% of the units I get so check yours today. Finally, we replace critical capacitors to make your Marquee have a more stable picture. Top is the new " Suspension System" and below is the factory system. The result is a power supply that is 90% quieter than the Factory Electrohome and keeps the components as cool as the original, more stable and will protect your expensive investment in new tubes.

$495.00 Call for your speical price today. ( $1125 Combo Price for VIM, HVPS, Neck Boards)

High Resolution Tubes

Originally when the Marquee projector was produced it used an older design of tubes. On the 8 inch for example it used a 180DVB tube that would not do a good job at fully resolving 1080p in fact a side by side comparison shows that the P16 8 inch tube resolves the resolution 60% better. You have to use the Eisemann-Theater custom neck boards to do this upgrade but the results are stunning.

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